What does LASIK cost?

We understand LASIK is an investment. But how does it compare to glasses and contacts? Why rent your vision with glasses or contacts when you could own your best possible vision with LASIK?

Glasses are a hassle

Most athletic and outdoor activities benefit from 20/20 vision. Do you:

  • Ski or Snowboard?
  • Mountain or Road bike?
  • Golf?
  • Swim or Scuba Dive?
  • Hunt?
  • Drive long distances?

If so, you probably require expensive prescription eye wear. Blade-Free LASIK may reduce your dependence on costly corrective lenses.

Contacts are expensive

What does LASIK cost compared to contacts? The average 25-year-old will spend $30,000 on contacts in the next 25 years. Choosing LASIK is an investment that pays for itself.