LASIK Specialists in Medford Oregon

About our LASIK Surgeons

At Medical Eye Center, our team works together to provide you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date care possible. Our LASIK surgeons are experts in their specialties and make it a priority to stay one step ahead of the latest developments in vision care. They are dedicated and caring professionals who will always spend time explaining your treatment and answering your questions. To learn more about our surgeons, click on their names to the right.

Advanced training means advanced care for our patients

Following medical school, ophthalmologists complete three years of comprehensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. Although the eye is a very small organ, it is highly complex. A small percentage of ophthalmologists pursue additional training called a fellowship in order to become an expert in one area of the eye. Additional education is generally considered optional—but not to our LASIK surgeons, whose priority is providing the best care possible to their patients.

Fellowship Trained Cornea Specialists

Dr. Matt Oliva, and Dr. John Welling are the only fellowship-trained cornea specialists in our region. A fellowship is more intense training where the physician learns the latest medical and surgical techniques. Dr. Oliva pursued an international fellowship, spending a year in Melbourne, Australia. “My fellowship really prepared me to offer the latest in cornea transplant techniques and the other complicated cornea issues we treat at Medical Eye Center.”

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