LASIK is one of the most popular forms of vision correction in the world today. The ability to experience the world around you without the daily dependence on glasses or contacts to perform functions such as driving and working leads to a deeper enjoyment of your day. One of the many benefits of LASIK is a fast healing and recovery time. Most LASIK patients have clear vision within days of surgery, without the assistance of glasses. Here are several tips that can speed up the recovery process even further and help you avoid any complications:

Take Adequate Time to Heal: Immediately following your LASIK procedure, you won’t be able to operate a vehicle, so a means of transportation to and from the doctor is a must. Give you and your eyes time to rest before you go about your daily activities normally. Ease your way back into the flow of things and make sure you take a couple of days off school or work to allow for proper healing and recovery.
Consider Taking Baths Instead of Showers: A bath may enable you to protect your eyes better than you would in a shower. Shampoo and soap can contaminate or irritate your eyes, so any contact with these products should be avoided. Water from the shower that hits you directly in the face can also cause complications when the droplets hit your eyes. When drying yourself, make sure you avoid rubbing your eyes at all costs.
Follow Through with Scheduled Doctor Visits: There will be several scheduled appointments with your LASIK surgeon in the days, weeks and months following your procedure. It is important that you go to each of these appointments so that your […]